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Reverse on Tesco Road Decision

ROADS bosses are to hit reverse on a decision to ban disabled motorists from parking outside Tesco in Stranraer.

Talks with local authority officials should see four disabled parking spaces included alongside the loading-only bay in Charlotte Street. The plan will now go out to consultation.

Councillors from the town are also calling on lessons to be learned when future consultation is held on issues involving the disabled. Councillor Iain Dick said:

"Officials did consult, but lessons need to learned about the adequacy of that."

Public opinion was mixed when the markings were introduced more than a fortnight ago designating loading vehicles only could stop outside the supermarket.

The change was designed to stop double-parking by taxis and delivery vehicles at the busy junction. But it also provoked a strong reaction from the disabled, who were  forced to park in the store's car park at the side.

They complained about the sloping path and the strong wind and a number promised to boycott the store.

An emergency re-think will now see new disabled spaces marked on the main road. Mr Dick said:

"There will be two on either side of the loading bay.

"I am extremely glad the council has acted as quickly as they have, but they do need to look at their consultation process."

He said a letter was sent in April by the local authority to the  Dumfries and Galloway Access Panel, but that process  broke down for some reason.

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