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Bridgebank Water Mains Upgrade

SCOTTISH Water are to spend more than £1 million replacing almost four kilometres of water mains from Bridgebank to Stranraer.

The ageing stretch of main has had a history of troublesome bursts in recent years, and that’s something Scottish Water Project Manager, Paul Turner is looking to change:

“Scottish Water understands the frustration of our customers when they are hit by a series of annoying disruptions to their service.

“Switching on a tap and receiving a supply of good quality drinking water is something we tend to take for granted. That’s why we’re pulling out the stops to help deliver a more reliable water supply to the people of Stranraer”, he said.

Some of the existing pipework dates back to the Victorian era.

The £1.05 million project should be completed by December.

Customers are warned that it may be necessary to shut off the water supply at key intervals while the work is being carried out.

Said Rob Mustard, regional manager for Dumfries and Galloway: “We will provide affected customers with 48 hours notification in advance of any such disruption”.

He added: “Scottish Water would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any short-term inconvenience this may cause. However we are certain customers will appreciate the long-term benefits delivered by this project”.

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