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Protesters to Blockade Ferry Ports

FUEL protesters are planning to blockade Stranraer and Cairnryan ferry ports.

Farmers and hauliers meeting in County Durham voted for the action as a cornerstone of protests against soaring fuel prices and taxes.

The cost of petrol and diesel has increased by 20 per cent in just months.

Campaign organiser Andrew Spence, a farmer and haulier from County Durham, said: We have people willing to join in the campaign in Stranraer, Portsmouth, or Dover wherever there are ferry ports.

Its not just farmers and hauliers who are being hit, its the public too, so we would be calling on as many people as possible to join in.

We think it is now time for action.

Mr Spence was a key organiser of the 2000 fuel protest, which caused severe disruption to the country by blocking oil refineries.

He said new discontent over fuel duty was emerging and that the Government had pocketed a 4.5bn tax windfall thanks to record oil prices.

The average cost of petrol per litre has hit more than 1 across Britain for the first time.

A date for action has not been agreed but Mr Spense said many farmers and hauliers across the UK were showing support for blockading ports in the coming months.

He said a blockade would involve tippers emptying rubble at port entrances, followed by articulated lorries and tractors parking and completing the blockade by disabling their vehicles.

He said: We also want to stop foreign hauliers coming into the country and using the roads without paying tax.

We also want to stop the importation of beef which is not of EU grade.

He added: We also want to highlight that the Government is buying only a small amount of British Beef to feed its armed services.

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