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Casino Concerns

DUMFRIES and Galloway Greens have called for a local referendum in Stranraer on whether the proposed casino should go ahead.

Convener, John Schofield, said Stranraer people should be given a voice and  to decide  if that is the way they want their waterfront developed.

"So far this process has been extremely undemocratic and has been driven by a handful of councillors. We support the local community activists who have already collected over 600 signatures of local  people opposed to the casino", he said.

He claimed there was a precedent for a locally-binding referendum —  voters in Glasgow had the chance a couple of years ago to vote on the privatisation of water.

"We Greens are concerned that casinos attract organised crime, cause family break-up, and we suggest that the cost to the local community of a casino will far outweigh any short-term benefits that it might bring.

"Surely a casino will be a drain on the local economy and a drain on any visitor to it. No chain casino will benefit the local economy greatly as profits will not remain in Stranraer. If visitors spend their money in the casino there will be less for Stranraer town centre."

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