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Football Memories Sought

STRANRAER Summer League football veterans are appealing for memorabilia and memories to help kick start an exhibition.

Involving teams from the Rhins to Glenluce, the league was founded in 1922, going from strength to strength before fizzling out in 1978.

But the league remains alive and kicking in the memories of many in the area, thanks to the large numbers of players and spectators it involved, and the buzzing social life it supported over the years.

And now a group of former players want to stir  memories among friends, fans — and old rivals — to help bring to life the golden era of local football in an exhibition at Stranraer Library.

"I've had the idea for an exhibition for some time now," said Raymond Carvill (61), centre half for Kirkcolm and Sandhead during the 1960s and 70s.

"It was only when I was shown an old photograph and the good times came flooding back.

"Then I thought it would be great if everyone involved in the Summer League could put something together."

The plan is to gather enough artefacts, photographs and stories for an exhibition laid on for those with fond memories anchored in that era.

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