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Rhins Windfarm Dispute

A PORTPATRICK resident has claimed that the only reason why a windfarm is to be built near the village is because the developers and landowners stand to make a mint out of the Government.

Chris Bain, who lives in Golf Course Road, has written to Dumfries and Galloway Council's planning department objecting to "what appears to be a blot on the landscape of the North Rhins".

Government grants were paid regardless of wind-farms' usefulness or supposedly ecologically-friendly energy production. His letter reads:

"It really ought to be pointed out to our councillors that wind-farms fail to meet government targets being never more than 15 per cent efficient, that their energy output is only available when the surplus is not needed.

"And their output electricity costs are more expensive than present methods.  Moreover, they cannot provide local area jobs once they have been built".

He conceded it was the government's right to try different methods, but it is not their right to "dump these farms in between two built- up areas, thus spoiling our landscape, the views and inflicting unsightly contraptions and noise on the surrounding populations of both Stranraer and Portpatrick".

Mr Bain rubbished claims of carbon emission savings as being based on a constant supply of wind energy which did not happen and a lessening of energy from carbon-based sources.

But these stations would continue to operate at peak efficiency regardless and wind turbines would never produce the power levels needed.

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