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New Stranraer Parking Restrictions Infuriate Disabled Motorists

DISABLED motorists are furious they were not consulted before parking restrictions were brought in outside Tesco in Stranraer.

A blanket ban on cars being left at the front of the store came in on Thursday and caught disabled people by surprise.

And a claim that an organisation representing the disabled was consulted before the change has been dismissed.

Regional co-ordinator of Dumfries and Galloway Coalition of Disabled People John Dowson said the failure to consult was the latest in a long list.

He said: "We are a bit fed up of this sort of thing happening again and again."

The change of the lower left hand side of Charlotte Street to loading only was introduced by the local authority.

Traffic wardens were positioned at the front door of Tesco to warn drivers of the change.

One 57-year-old disabled driver, who did not want to be named because of possible "repercussions", has since been trying to find out why the change was made.

She said: "I am concerned the council is at the very least guilty of neglect when it comes to providing on street parking for blue badge holders. I can only hope they see the error of their ways and rectify things."

The double crutch user is also worried by the suggestion that adequate parking is available at the side of the store.

She said: "For someone like me it is impossible to get to Tesco from that car park.

"The path up is on a slope first of all and has the person who agreed to this tried to walk on that path in the winter? It is like a wind tunnel. It is hard enough for an able person to walk in that.

"The decision to change that 30 metres of single yellow parking means that I and many others will no longer be able to shop personally in that area."

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