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West Pier Breakwater Progress

SEA CONTAINERS have said they will work with the Crown Estates to do what is necessary to enable the breakwater at Stranraer's West Pier to go ahead.

The commitment came on Tuesday during talks between the company and Galloway MP Russell Brown.

Legal matters surrounding Sea Containers in the United States have been blamed for delays in implementing the surrender of a lease the company have with the Crown Estates over part of the seabed at Stranraer Harbour — a throwback to the SeaCat operation at the West Pier.

But until that is sorted out, work to build the breakwater — needed before a marina can be formed as part of the waterfront regeneration project — cannot start and costs are rising — already by £130,000.

Mr Brown had what he describes as "a conference call" by phone with Sea Containers in London on Tuesday to press them to resolve the lease issue. Afterwards he said:

"It appears that this situation has developed as a result of inactivity from both Sea Containers and the council in getting this issue resolved. I made it clear to the firm's officials that the lease issue needs to be concluded as soon as possible to prevent costs from spiralling any further and to ensure that the regeneration project moves along quickly.

"Sea Containers have now given me a commitment to work with Crown Estates to get the paperwork done that will ensure there is no further delay. It is my hope that it will be resolved by the end of this week, but I will continue to chase-up the parties involved until it is."

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