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Lock-in for Nigel!

POLICE had to free a man from a lock-in at his Stranraer local - after he was left behind when bar staff locked up for the night.

Dozy Nigel Baillie (60) nodded off in the lounge area of the Swan Inn and never surfaced until 5 am. But unfortunately for him, everyone else had gone home four hours earlier!

After an emergency phone call to the police, the keen golfer was freed by bar owner Jock McCurdy in the presence of a couple of officers. And as 1980's pop band XTC once said, everyone got a bit flustered "looking for Nigel"!

Nigel laughed:

"I had been asked out for a drink in the afternoon and I probably shouldn't have gone - I must have nodded off in the lounge and the girls missed me when they were clearing up!

"When I came round the place was as black as night! I phoned the police but I was more worried about anyone thinking I had broken in!"

Owner Jock McCurdy said:

"I have been in charge for eight years now but have never known something like this to happen.

"The girls were locking up and must have missed him snoozing in the corner.

"I think he had had a long day on the golf course and must have been a little bit tired. But he's an honest enough man and when I turned up with police he apologised and went on his way."

A police spokesman confirmed:

"A man dozed off in the pub and was escorted out."

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