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The Strand into Harbour Street

There has been much speculation over the origin of the name Stranraer - many authorities suggesting a Gaelic root denoting a topographical feature, while others maintain it was originally Stranrawer - the Raw or Row of dwellings on the Strand.

Strand Street

North Strand Street and South Strand Street are both built over the original burn and follow the lines of the original settlement. 

North Strand Street at its southern end splits into two entries onto George Street, the eastern entry marked with the site of a chapel built by a female member of the Adair family in 1484. The chapel gave its name to the area on the east side of the burn and the later fortified house which became known for some time as the Castle of Chapel. Early writers suggest both names, Chapel and Stranraer, were used for some time before Stranraer took precedence.

The western entrance from the Strand onto George Street is through an archway or pend, known as Logan's Close, and is an interesting relic of an early council decision that the landowner could build across the burn but would have to leave access to the main street for citizens. The old arch over the burn can still be discerned low down on the north wall of the building on the side of Logan's Close.

Logan's Close

Before we leave North Strand Street, note the fine new public library built on the site of what was the town brewery and later a bakehouse for many years. Across Harbour Street and cutting off the Strand from the sea is Burns House, an old building from the mid-Victorian period which has recently been refurbished, retaining its arched entrance, and now serving as tourist and shipping line offices.

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