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Community Development


Networking with other Voluntary\Statutory bodies to develop awareness and maximise opportunities for community participation:

  • Youth Homelessness Working Group Advice Agency Network Group
  • Drugs Forum\Family Support Group APT Regeneration Initiative
  • European Structural Fund Management Committee Dumfries and Galloway Rural
  • Partnership Federation of Councils of Voluntary Service LVDA Steering Group
  • Newton Stewart Initiative.

Future Community Development work under consideration and will be dependent on the financial and other human resources availability:

  • Disability Provision and Access
  • Stranraer Community Hall Survey Community Involvement in Social Functions
  • Volunteer Development
  • Partnership Working to maximise Grant Aid Extending services into Machars Area.

Conscious of the fact that Local Authorities will be further compelled to reduce on public expenditure, WCVS and other Voluntary Agencies have seriously looked at ways of reducing expenditure. In this regard, the way forward could be to adopt a 'ONE STOP SHOP' attitude and examine the potential savings if premises were to be identified. With this in mind, Dunbae House has been suggested as suitable accommodation.

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