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WCVS Services

WCVS provides a comprehensive secretarial service to its members and non members at very good rates. These services include :-

  • Typing (Minutes of Meetings, Letters, Brochures, etc., etc.,)
  • Photocopying
  • Internet and Intranet Facilities
  • Graphics
  • Fax Facilities
  • Meeting Room Facilities
  • Letting of Office Space

INFORMATION - WCVS acts as a contact point for displaying posters, etc., receives National and Local publications on a range of different topics.

  • Provides information to Member Organisations on current issues
  • Gives advice on campaigning matters
  • Advocacy
  • Advises and assists Member Organisations on organisational matters ie constitutions, responsibilities, minutes, accountancy, etc., etc.
  • Assists in Grant Applications ie Lottery, European Funding, etc
  • Represents Member Organisations at Local and National Level


  • Provide training courses according to need. Offers assistance to enable Member
  • Organisations to participate in training provided by outside Agencies.
  • Organises training seminars on a wide range of topics, ie Energy Saving


  • Organise events to assist Voluntary Organisations raise funds
  • Give advice on Fund Raising Initiatives,
  • Advertise and promote Voluntary Organisations

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